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Welcome Wantoks to 2017


Wantoks Group Membership

We rely  on our members to keep the Group going year after year and we appreciate all our members. Membership fee is $10 for the year . This year, financial members get half price entry into our smaller fundraisers and at least 10% off at our PNG Independence function.


If interested please send us an email (


We have an exciting year ahead and looking forward to doing some good for the community. One of the projects we are excited to be part of  this year is the project initiated by PNG Tribal Foundation , the “Senisim Pasin” movie.  The movie is in Tok Pisin with English subtitles and is aimed at educating the population about gender based violence. Melbourne has been chosen as the first city in Australia to be shown this movie so we are looking forward to sharing this with you; the community. Click here for the Trailer of “Senisim Pasin”.


Senisim Pasin will be shown in Geelong. More info to come soon.


Welcome Wantoks to our website; connecting the PNG community of Victoria together.
(Melbourne Dance Group performing at the PNG Celebrations 2015)




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Up and coming Events 2017



July 29th - Wantoks Market Day  at the Edinburgh Gardens Community Hall. There will be stalls and activities. Come hungry as we will be selling PNG style food and sausage n bread.

Time: 11am - 3pm
Hope to see you there.

Parking: Park on the streets surrounding the park as the parking at the venue is for very limited time only.

Best to catch a tram and stop at STOP 20.


September 16th - PNG Independence Celebrations Day Event.  Pls save this date. TBA