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Our Vision

To be a model volunteer community group that provides referral services to Papua New Guineans needing assistance in Melbourne.

The Wantoks Group of Victoria is a community volunteer group, made up of students and residents who have a similar vision of helping our fellow countrymen whether they be students, residents or visitors to Melbourne by providing morale support and guidance as well as referrals to other groups and services to those in need.


Towards the end of 2010, the PNG Student Association approached some residents and discussed the need for an external group that can be the contact point for providing support to students. This was due to issues with student medical emergencies as well as increasing number of sick patients coming over from PNG for treatment /surgery etc sponsored by Rotary. Wantoks Group was initiated by the PNG student association and few residents as a result. The group was eventually formed in April 2011 and incorporated in August 2011.


We have gone on from strength to strength providing moral support where needed and an avenue for all wantoks to get together, thanks to our members and the community.


Our initial student members such as Gelinde Narekine and Bessie Maruia have since finished their studies and gone home to PNG to get on with their careers. However, those that leave us are still very much part of the group because we are all Wantoks and communication is always at our finger tips.



Papua New Guinea Wantoks Group of Victoria incorporated

The constitution we have adopted is the model association constitution available to all community groups in Victoria. Click here to download or have a read.


Our members keep our group going

As we are a not for profit community group, we rely on our  members support to keep the day to day workings of the group going. Yearly memberships are $10 per person. Membership renewals start from 1st of January to 31st of January of each year.


We also want our members who leave Australia to keep in touch with us so our overseas membership is only $1.


Members are kept up to date with our quarterly newsletters of events and news in the community. Members also have the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting whereby members elect new committee members for the year or can decide to join the committee and partake in the day to day running of the group.


Student members are encouraged because your participation in the community can become part of your resume since more and more organisations require individuals to be community minded and are able to contribute to the community they live in.


Click here to download the form.


If you are interested, please send us an email on

Some Committee members - 2014

Bess in PNG Bilum dress 2011

Naup and boys with Consular General Sumasy Singin 2014